Displays for trade shows, point of purchase, theater, photography props, or a unique table for your office. I work with wood, plastic, laminates, foam, sign board, and various other materials to get the product you want.






I still like to do prototype work. I do not use or have access to any computer controlled machinery. I do everything the old fashioned way. There are situations where it may be more efficient to fabricate a sheet of plastic into the shape of the final molded product, rather than machine it out of a solid block of material.



No, not the dungeons and dragons kind. The person who skillful or clever in devising ways of making things, that kind. Have a piece of art in mind and lack the time and tools to create it? As long as it's not to large or heavy, I may be able to bring that idea into a piece of reality.



I prefer small intricate wood projects. I have built desks, tables, chairs. Architectural installations such as light fixtures, small bookcases and similar pieces, but I prefer small detailed pieces like jewelry boxes, electric guitar bodies, display tables, and picture frames.



Foam Fabrication

E.P.S.  E.P.P.  E.P.E. You name it, I cut it. I am very familiar with the expanded bead foam industry. I have hot wire cutters. I make my own cutters to machine foam. I can take a block of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) and make it look like wood, Brick, you name it, I'll make it. If I haven't done it, I'll try it.


Tinkerbots,Robots, Found Object Art, Fobots, Fobies, Junk Art

Yes, I do custom builds. Have Grandpa's Camera? Grandma's Mixer? Take that obsolete piece you can never get rid of due to the memories, and I will work with you on a custom fobie just for you. Many of the pieces shown on these pages may still be available for sale as well.